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Hi, Hopefully the combined expertise on this forum can assist.

I have to design a ww2 shooting range at a museum next year (in the UK). In previous years we have run muskets, crossbows and longbows.

What I am looking for is advice on the best rifle setup that satisfies the following.

  • fast throughput of visitors.
  • spring action withing the capability of 8 year old children (if bolt action used)
  • durability of mechanisms (each rifle will be shooting around 1000 rounds a day for two months.
  • wood or wood look stock available.
  • iron sights
  • replacement parts if necessary easily available.

I am edging towards vsr10 variants but have no idea how long the internals would last from stock or what the best mods would be to make them last as long as possible before repair. However I am also open to suggestions.

The range is not expected to be any more than 10 metres.

kind regards

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If it is for 8 year olds then the VSR is probably your best bet as it is so light. Most 8 year old will struggle with most other rifles.
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