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mounts (again)

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Rings are decent, scope is pretty good. Do you really need see through mounts? I have an illuminated scope for my BASR... I never use the light though. 1. it doesn't help that much. 2. It can give you away at night. The only reason I got it was cus I got it for cheap.

And you really don't have to make a new thread for every question seeing as your last 3 posts have been about the same topic....

Edit: Your last 4 threads have been about the same topic. please stop cluttering the board and just continue in the same thread.

What about these mounts. Note that they are for 16-26 mm rails. My rails are 20mm. Will it make any difference?

Oh, and sorry for the load of new threads. :-[
That just means that they will fit rails 16-26mm wide, it's just how far the screw adjusts.
wouldn't that mean the mounts would be too far too the left or right?
will it fit?
IF you don`t think it will work don`t get it personally it will work. Just my opinion.
They'll work fine. The off set from center will be super minimal, more than enough to adjust within the scope, especially at our ranges.
Thanks . Sorry if my above post sounded rude. I've really been sweating over this.
Got to make a decision tonight cause otherwise they won't be here for my next big match and I'll be scopless.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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