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So I got an Mp5k off of a friend for dirt money. She wasn't shooting right (BB's falling out of the barrel) so I took her apart and put in a damper piston head like this The o-ring on the original head was screwed, causing it not to cycle properly),r:0,s:0

Now she is cycling fine, and there seems to be a good bit of air coming out the barrel.

However she is only shooting 160fps with .2g bb's! Would it be the new piston head? Or the plastic air nozzle looks a little messed up on the inside? Or would it be the hop up chamber? (I took that apart too) :shrug:

(Spring is fine, cycling fine, and sounds the exact same as my other one)

Thanks and sorry for the long question :tup:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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