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A major revival, I know, but signing on after many months there were a lot of questions regarding the MSG-90. Firstly, here are a couple of photos that show how far I went with the project before, unfortunately, trading the rifle.

More photos avaliable here:

As you would have realized by now, this is a standard Tokyo Marui G3 SG1 convert, and there are no real threads. These guns use that weird MP5 mount and grub screws on the barrel and G&G M82-style flash hider. And of course, if you're mechanically inclined you can fabricate your on threads if need be, but they are not required for the flash hider in question.

This rifle was a joy to build and watch progress. Should time and funds allow this year, I may build another from a CA base and go "all out".

If anyone has any questions regarding MSG-90s, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will try to answer whatever questions you may have as best I can.
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