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Multicam VSR-10 Paint Job

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I spent all day painting my VSR-10 I was getting tired of the all black. What do you guys think of it? I think it could of came out better if I created painters tape stencils, but with having a newborn time to do these type of projects are rare and hard to come by. I will try to get some photos of it out side sometime this week, photos look kind of dark due to being taken inside with my iPhone. Also this is my first time ever painting any of my airsoft guns, but have done my research prior to taking on this task.

Current upgrades:

Polarstar Sear Set
Polarstar Piston 45 deg
Polarstar spring guide
Laylax guide stopper
m150 spring (have not cronoed it yet)
m170 not installed
Changed bolt handle to a g-spec
EDGI 6.01 bull barrel
Polarstar barrel spacers
Danger Wrex hop up arm
Nineball bucking

(Why all polarstar? Simple quality and got to support US airsoft manufactures)

I have a question is there any thing I could use to wipe of the over spray dust that is on the riffle. It feels like fine dust what what when I wipe the riffle with my hand it leaves died up paint on my fingers.


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looks pretty sick!! good job :)
It has been a long time since I have been able to take this rifle out on to the field to get some in game shots of it.

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Thats sweet dude! As for the dust, try baby wipes (I'm sure you have plenty of them!). Just make sure that its not taking any actual paint off the gun first. I would test it on the bottom of the stock before anything.
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