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Sry for bad english

recently I had a huge training or meeting for airsoft community in my area that me and couple of guys organized.
It was supposed to be a 100 people limit but we went to 160 because of the huge map.
It is a open space that reaches from a naturally formed cave system, under a functional railway, trough a nice forest and an abandoned military site.
First of all some of the guys that were in the organization did not show up, then some more guys in the organization couldn't control their side ...and After a while only I was left in the game as an admin and the other collage was on a car pick up duty because we were also cooking lunch for the guys after the game.

The organization was actually pretty good, per side there was one general, 3 commanders and 1 admin,
there were people separated in squads and every move was planned out beforehand.
There were frequencies only for admins, only for players and only for commanders every info was quickly assessable and you could easily go from mission A to B.
We printed out maps in color for some squad leaders and every player that wanted had a small black and white map whit a coordinate system.
Every player that was in control of some kind of mission was briefed about the mission few weeks before and before the mission.

The game was supposed to be a milsim 6h event
The first thing that went wrong was that one general and one commanders bailed before the game
The other thing that went wrong is that my collage had to go on a car duty to pick up some things for the lunch that we had (because he didn't prepare good enough but we wrote everything down)
The game for the first 1-2 Hours went amazing, and then some guys that are popular for cheating and being rouge players caused some scenes but I easily fucked them off and continued with the game.
After some more time 2 of the commanders and generals went mad on the opposite side of me and bailed because nobody listened to them.
So the org was all on me and I was controlling a milsim event with 160 people alone.
There was tons of cheating, some arguments and one fight broke out.
But overall 80% of the players said that they enjoyed the event.

Luckily we overorganised that way we had every info we wanted on every player that played that day. Yes it was stressful and yes lots of things went wrong, but now we have a database of all the players that are pure assholes, cheats and nothing but trouble makers.

Here are some interesting things that repeats from the bad players info
-young players (amateurs)
-opportunity takers (first ones to say yes to anything)
-suspicious players (the ones that you think cheat most probably cheat)
-teams that are well known/popular/wealthy (some are good some are bad, best way to find out is to play in a local airsoft training with them first)
-unknown players (you maybe heard of them once but you never really played)

Some tips for your airsoft friends that you think are gonna be good co-organization
-prepare them very well
-lead them to invest some money in the event so they are at loss if they don't show up
-don't give big roles to people you think you know

My friend opened a new airsoft club and this was its first big event,
the first ones are the worst ones.
This is just some advice from a friendly airsofter

If you want to know more info about the event I can send it in a personal msg I have some nice photos also.

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The point about investing is solid, as that can be seen in many preorder situations. I suppose it sorts out people who will waste your time and money by you counting them and getting necessary stuff, but them not being around to make use of the stuff, which is therefore wasted time and money on your end most likely. For most things, $20 isn't a huge risk, but it will sort out the people that attend your stuff. With modern payment options you can usually get your money back as well if the thing never pans out, so there is really no significant risk most of the time.

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Sadly all big events go down like this!
To be honest I avoid big games .. When everyone wants to smoke every 15 mins, when noone takes the hit, when everyone is whining about anything but never listen or know what to do.

I like small games .. under 30 ppl where you can be stealthy, tactical and everyone is there waiting for you ! Love it when you think you're alone in a forest but you know there are 15 ppl waiting for you to make a mistake and "take you out"!


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When there are so many players, the possibility for incidents ("immortals", cheaters, disputes, etc) increases a lot.
The presence of referees is necessary. You need adequate number of referees, everywhere in the field to maintain control-rules of big games.
I will agree with Wolfgeorge. Is less likely to have issues in small events. Small games are more difficult-interesting & rolling better too.

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just some more info
-all players payed 10 euros in advance for the game
-if you pay on the day of the game its 13 euros

we had one group of well known "rich" players that wanted to pay on the game day but left before the game was over and didn't pay (they are also the ones that started a fight somehow) and are banned to play in 2 counties from that day.

I totally agree we should have more referees in the game, but most of the guys wanted to play too... that's why we made the chain of command that initially broke pretty quick.

Yeah I think I'm gonna keep to 30 players max for a time now and with players I know mostly.
Will be taking a break from playing airosoft for now, the toxicity of players is just outrageous 😂

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players payed 10 euros
I've heard by many players saying, that paying, is a "filter" to avoid dishonest players and incidents. No. A game's quality is determined by the participants character.
@dominik549 start by organizing small events with players you know are honest. Build a small base of trustful players and start increasing the participants number by little each time...
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