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my airsoft team sucks?

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sorry if this is wrong section...

just realised it sucks, and we made it a month ago but only one person remembers making it.... but anyways, one of the members refuses to wear safety glasses, and takes off running in a random direction when he is leading a attack sqaud, another member is just a idiot that just started playing airsoft, and my brother should stop playing airsoft, he breaks pretty much all the rules, like when you get shot your out, when your out you cant tell the teamates where the enemies are, and you cant trade your gun when your out, you cant keep shooting when your out... and he calls snipers cowards, and anybody ducking in cover, and when he misses he calls the people cheaters, then when someone catches him breaking the rules he lies about it...

what do you think of the team? oh and everybody except me is using airsoft guns from sports authority.
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If someone looses an eye, it will make headlines in your local area. Speak to the parents, explain to them the importance of eye pro.

Also, on this forum we try to use correct grammar and punctuation as much as possible, it's just easier to understand.
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