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my airsoft team sucks?

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sorry if this is wrong section...

just realised it sucks, and we made it a month ago but only one person remembers making it.... but anyways, one of the members refuses to wear safety glasses, and takes off running in a random direction when he is leading a attack sqaud, another member is just a idiot that just started playing airsoft, and my brother should stop playing airsoft, he breaks pretty much all the rules, like when you get shot your out, when your out you cant tell the teamates where the enemies are, and you cant trade your gun when your out, you cant keep shooting when your out... and he calls snipers cowards, and anybody ducking in cover, and when he misses he calls the people cheaters, then when someone catches him breaking the rules he lies about it...

what do you think of the team? oh and everybody except me is using airsoft guns from sports authority.
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Dang buddy.. Sounds like you have your hands full on that team! I had some issues running my old team.. my biggest mistake was trying to better the players and not the team.. Drop the ones who arent serious!! I dont care if your down to 3 dude bro! As long as them 3 dudes are dependable,trustworthy, and care about safety.. the other WILL bring your team down in time.. I started "62nd Echo Unit" back in "2000" with me,my 2 brothers and their best friend.. My one brother refused to agree on camo, wouldnt waer ANY eye protection, refused to play anyplace except our home field.. By the time "2006" we had 20+ bad ass members! Then me and my brother got into a fist fight over a stupid green bell pepper and he dropped out,then his best buddy left,then his other cousin left and so Its best to either set em straight,let them know your plans for YOUR team "if you are the team leader" and if they dont like it,hit the bricks! Dishonest people get a certain punishment at our fields.. they refuse to call hit,they call in someone with an accurate bolt action to peg the side of the neck,lol.. not saying thats a great idea but thats what happens.. I find dishonest players, I aim ONLY for neck and knuckles! Maybe that makes me a crappy person, I dont much care.. At least I call my hits, I am a team player and I can follow instructions from my superiors on my team. I have been with the Hogs of War for Two years now,,almost three. I run my own squad and I have earned respect at any place I play at... Ask Livonia, he should still remember me,lol.. I would make up a guidline list tonight about what is best for the team, hold votes etc.. but remeber, the team leader is still leader! Give some leeway but also stand your ground, be the more mature one but also keep in mind buddy... This is mostly for fun! I let things get to me too much and stressed out way too much over unreliable members not showing up on gameday, not having bbs, forgetting to charge batteries etc.. Being team leader is tough sometimes and sometimes just not worth the headache I got from it.. Good luck buddy and if you need any more pointers and ideas I and most anyone here are willing to help..
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I recommend forgetting that this 'team' exists, and playing with other serious players at local fields until you find people of equal interest in starting a team.

If you stick with the people you have now, it's going to be a lot of work. You will be relying on your own motivation to improve not only yourself but all your teammates.

If you don't like your teammates, or how they play, that's a great reason to move on.
Dude,I couldn't agree more. Leave them guys alone. Its people like them who can get our sport/hobby banned. Enough knuckleheads lose an eye and all of a sudden its dangerous!

+1 for you wyvernfist!
Well, at least we didn't go spend $400 before even trying airsoft. these people we played with on the 1st did that, and i doubt they are going to play again.

I guess I am going to say this team never existed, just found out my brother took advantage of my parents, and did a lot of lying these past few days, and his friend pretty much stole $10 from my brother... Now I know why I feel like punching him in the face.
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