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Here is my current collection of airsoft rifles and gear that I have acquired since being station here. Here is the list of whats in the picture itself.

Well MB03 no upgrades other than the teflon mod and a ported cylinder head
JG Sig 552 with Noveske flash hider and magpul sling
DBoys AK74s (The yellow paint on the butt is because of Portuguese law, I still need to paint the flash hider on the AK, Sig, and MB03.)
Finnish gas mask bag I use for the Well.
British PLCE set with ALICE butt pack. I use it for the Sig but I can carry AK mags with it also.
The last thing is a no name AK chest rig.

Now the stuff not in the picture is all my mags, uniforms, and other issued stuff I use for airsoft. I wish I knew what I did with the pictures of all my guns and gear in the states. If I find them I'll post them on here as well.
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