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My Arsenal as of 2009

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Comparison shot of TPK and M60e4/Mk43

Left to right:
Echo1 MP5A4, Systema hi speed gears M90 spring,
Echo1 M16A4 with G&P M203 and proper heat guard and sights, Madbull tightbore, systema bucking and hop chamber, metal body, TM gear box
Toyko Marui, M16A1, Madbull tight bore and systema hopup bucking
DE, XM177/ M4 hybrid (loaner)

My VSR10 started like this:

Went to this:

and ended up as this:

Once I am sure the repair on the stock holds, I'll paint it.
Spare Echo1 M203

next photo

Cut off is a UTG AK47

UTG shotgun
Toyko Marui VSR10, Fortress M40A3 stock, 6.01 tightbore, firefly hard bucking, hardened sears, laylax, Red NEO piston (with TM Oring), teflon coated cylinder, laylax spring steel bearing spring guide, a brand new laylax M150 spring, laylax cylinder head

Classic Army M14 Walnut

Tokyo Marui M14 OD

STAR Mk43 (M60E4)

TSD (SCR) RPK with G&P replacement body body

Not shown is a KWA glock 17, Tokyo Marui USP (AEP) that is on order . Or the Airsharp M2 HMG which is also on order.
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Airsharp M2? Damn man, hope you have a Humvee to throw that on. Nice collection, the M40 is by far my favorite. Keep it up.
keep up the good work!
love the new body on the vsr!
That TPK looks somewhat "used". =D All those orange tips... Christ they horror me... At moments like these I thank my Lord that we here in Finland don

The upper pictures are taken during the 1/3/09 game in the trench field, it was geezers vs pampers 24 21yr players verse 44 under 21 year old players who were to attack us while we defended the trench work field and assorted bunkers. I was carrying a M203/M16A4, a M60e4 and my M40A3 and a side arm, Thus armed for the attacking pampers team got trounced, partially because they lacked enough leadership to make a move on us. The camera died so my assistant only got field shots of the M60 and two other players so no field shots of the M40A3 with the ghillie rifle wrap or all the veg attached.

So far the M60 is performing very well for a STAR but does need some adjustments. Especially to the box magazine's drive motor.

The M40A3 (VSR-10) performed like I thought it should ( FINALLY ) Now that I have replaced just about every bit of it internally it is chronoing around 480fps with .20 gram BBs, and is very accurate at very long range. Easily out ranging the pampers team AEGs by 50-60 feet with .30 BBs. In celebration it got a new camo job. I am almost afraid to know how much money I have wrapped up in it. I think when I buy my Z trigger finally I'll order a fluted outer barrel and but all my old TM parts together thus assembling stock VSR from spares.

Edited in the build list for my VSR 10,

This is my VSR10, I have never actually added up what I have into it before now: I started with a used project rifle Several items were bought twice to solve problems and other issues, but The costs are listed for new parts so someone else can get a idea what it would cost to duplicated it costs are as listed by Airsoft Atlanta unless noted:

Tokyo Marui VSR 10 Pro $209.99
Laylax Reinforced Piston Sear $24.99
Laylax VSR-10 Spring Guide Stopper $21.99
Laylax VSR-10 Real Mount Base $16.99
Laylax VSR-10 Teflon Cylinder $109.99
Laylax PSS10 Trigger Sear for VSR-10 Series $39.95 (from Hot spot airsoft, NY)
Laylax VSR-10 Spring Guide w/bearing $30.99
Laylax VSR-10 High Pressure Piston s/silent shaft (NEO) $49.99
Laylax VSR-10 Cylinder Head Damper Kit $14.99
Laylax VSR-10 Cylinder Head $26.99
Laylax VSR-10 Barrel Spacers X2 $19.99 each $39.98
Laylax VSR-10 150SP Spring X2 $19.99 each $39.99
FORTRESS M40A3 Stock for VSR-10 $369.99
Firefly VSR-10 Hop Up Bucking (Hard) $20.99
Nine Ball VSR-10 Hop Up Bucking $19.99
Deep Fire VSR-10 Reinforced Sear Set $39.99
OK VSR-10 Cylinder Set - $199.99
Bipod (from gun shop) $59.99
Small metal Rail 20mm (for bipod) $15.99
UTG 4x40 Full Size Range Estimating Mil-Dot Red/Green Scope $69.99
DBC 6.01mm Precision Barrel for VSR-10/BAR-10 by DB Custom $49.99 (Airsoft GI)
A.E.G. Precision Inner Barrel
Roll of Teflon tape $ .99

Krylon Camo colors (second paint job) $40.00 +/-
Airbrushed paintjob(s) (multicam and grass) $40.oo +/- $20 materials only

Next on the agenda is a M170 spring and a Zero Trigger, Total is roughly $1600 NOT counting tax or shipping or the parts list here at the bottom, spread over three years. chronoes a little low at 470fps with .20 gram Bbs, I use SGM .29 and .30 BBs (out of .43 right now)

Last photos are of my side arms: KWA glock 17 GBB and a brand spanking new TM USP AEG with a silencer. The airsharp M2 still has not shipped yet. :(
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I'm loving the paint on your A3. Sounds like the trigger and barrel will finish it off nicely, can't wait to see it.
Nice! Although i would remove/paint the orange tip from your M40.
Sadly that is not a option. I either need to keep the orange tip and cover it with tape or be able to change it out for a orange one (all my AEGs have orange flash hiders as spare). Otherwise I can not cross state lines with it. I usually run some 100mph tape around it when I put on my rifle rag. Although I am experimenting with 1/2" wide double stick tape for adding vegetation. It works great for leaves and grass so far.
Love the green M16 with grenade launcher <3
Where did you buy it?
I was bought used as someone else failed project, It is a Echo1 M16A4 with a TM gearbox M110 spring, Systema hop up chamber and bucking Madbull tightbore G&P metal receivers (upper and lower) G&P also made the M203 and M203 hand guard, Flash hider came from spare box and finally a Classic Army hand grip and BSA red dot scope, Proof that if you through enough money at a problem sooner or latter If will start to work. When I got it the TM box and the metal body was on it, It had sever feed problems and a air leak in the hop up. I added the a new hop up and chamber, M203, and hand guard (which would NOT fit on my TM) gave it a though cleaning. It still not 100% but its feeding now accurate enough and chronos 358 fps with .20 gram BBs

Yes that is a airsoft M2 HMG I ordered in JULY, it finally arrived, I am still putting it together but I think it was worth the $500 or so I paid for it.

I also picked up a A&K M249 for $180 shipped. I may be a gun whore now but I am still more than a little scotch when it comes to money.

Not shown is a quartet of 5 year old abused former rental replicas, TM G36c that I picked up for $60 a piece, the plan is to refurbish these and start some of my friends that are having money problems into airsoft, I could not pass up that deal either, I figure that by the time I am done fixing them up I'll know my way around the inside of a mech box and they will have a decent starter replica for under $100, we both win.
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a quick update:

I've been away a while, largely caused by computer problems and lack of money due to partial layoff.

I did get the opportunity to play two large games this year and a small hand full of weekend games. So a quick image update.

Above are images posted to c3airsoft of me at OP Hotel Sierra , This was a charity game held at Ft. Indiantown gap National guard urban warfare training site {CACTF} which was brand new. Anyone that gets the opportunity to play on a MOUT site, do it, MY smartest purchase was a helmet for this event, WEAR a helmet knee and elbow pads, you will take a beating and concrete does not GIVE. I really stripped my MOLLE rack down to minimums and was still overloaded. climbing ladders is a four cornered biach when you add replica rifle (machine gun) and tactical gear. If anything this even makes you appreciate what we ask out soldiers to do on a daily basis on our behalf. Thank you.

Also beware that it is nearly impossible to snipe as most of the buildings have weird airflow that WILL foal your shots. During this even all AEGs were limited to low/midcaps EXCEPT machine gun replicas which were allowed drum mags. Machine guns where and sniper rifles were limited in number to each squad. (one sniper rifle per 16 players two machine guns per 16 players. There were 102 players on the site. I really liked the midcap restriction and sniper rifle restrictions, it made those roles important to the team. I hear lots of call on the radio for me to displace and suppress a particular area, when the average play could NOT sustain a hi level of fire. There was a couple of areas where a sniper rifle role was huge during the game. But as mentioned the wacky airflow around the buildings really limited them. There should be some you tube videos of this game soon, The entire game was video taped in color, sound and infra red usually from multiple angles, its slow getting posted because its a lot to edit and there is a single truth to airsoft it is there is a lot of camping. There were also uniform restriction in effect so I need to purchase a desert/tan load out. multicam blurs the edges to much so it was forbidden. I think that uniform restriction are here to stay in our big events.

Operation Prometheus Glory was the other large game I attended, also hosted by c3airsoft Prometheus glory gallery

I had a LOT of problems with replicas during this game and it was HOT. It got to the point where I resorted to leaving my web gear behind in the safe zone. But carrying BOTH machine gun replicas in hopes that one or the other would feed properly. Leading to the image of the Schwarzenegger moment shown above. "get to da choppar" There where several instances where only my pistol was working. I only got to snipe during the first evolution, my hop up bucking tore and I did not bring a spare with me.

Earlier this year I managed to land the deal of the century, 4 used TM G36c for $60 each. With this I took the dive and started learning to rebuild AEG gearboxes. I did some minor repairs to the best three and sold them for my cost in parts and shipping to three friends that are just starting out in airsoft. I kept the worst performing of the three and put in a Guarder FTK + replacement piston head and a Prometheus spring (M110)that suited my lower fps goals. This is now my back up for my sniper rifle load out, with the addition of a 6.01 tightbore longer as it goes through the mock silencer, a aftermarket hop up chamber and madbull shark bucking, a 9.6volt battery in a PEQ box and a flashlight on rails.

Current plans are to buy noobies new TDC hop up adjusted for my VSR, a A&K M60 VN and a KWA M4 CQB (maybe, I borrowed one during the MOUT game as the M60 only fires auto and it was semi auto only INSIDE the building due to engagement distance restriction, anyway I liked it.) make the Airsharp M2 feed properly, make the STAR mk43 feed reliable (ya right, its a POS) and play a little more often than I have this year.
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Nice set up dude... Would be great to play in an area like that...

We have a really nice one up here in my area... but we can't get the guards to let us go out there. Even after sweet talking my Lt.
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Nice guns man. I love the M60. Also that game looks awsome.
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