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My Baby has arived...... :D

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I can't write on here how happy and excited I am, but I can say that my wife has been saying that I am bouncing around about this rifle, like I just found out I am having a child.

I just got Wonkos old PWD MR30! Soldierofvalor had it before me, and things didn't work out for him, so as soon as I saw it was back up for sale I jumped on it.

This rifle is just amazing! The build quality and materials used are just awesome. The main rifle reminds me of my old CA M24 to be honest. And I wish I still had that rifle to see if it would fit or not. Though I may see about putting my bar10 in it and see if that works, though the outter barrel may cause a problem.

I have 4 more mags coming for the rifle and I am on the look for a killer scope for her. And I must really resist the urge to pick up a can of spray paint, and lay a few coats down ;)

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Oh don't worry I will get that up soon.

I am on the hunt for a scope that I like. I have a game I am planning here in a week or so. I am planning on having this as my primary rifle. So expect to see some in game pics as well ;)
It isn't an AGM bipod..... it is a Versa pod that came with it new.

And yes those are 1911 grips on her as well. I do have a few pairs, that I am thinking about drilling them out and making them fit.
You can get the rifle new for $1100, that is if you can find the rifle at all ;)

I have been looking at the parts and been trying to figure out what parts would work with it. But honestly right now the rifle shoots great. Though I have been looking at putting a muzzle break on her. That part looks very close to a VSR barrel cap.

Did you say something
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Here is the scope I am going to put on her. That should get here around the same time that my extra mags get here.
With shipping here in the states, came to $100

The rifle came just as it looks in the picture, minus the scope of course.

The rifle is actually really comfortable to hold and to cary around. She does weigh around 12 or more lbs, with the scope. But the way the rifle is set up, it is really balanced and easy to hold.

I am going to be working on a ghillie wrap for her. But I am with you metalica.....can't wait to see what the others at my field think when I pull this thing out of my case
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If you look at the outter barrel, right where the fluting begins, is where the mags are inserted ;)

And the wife doesn't know, because I get a rifle tweek it a little bit and sell it. Anything I make off of it stays in my paypal account. So nothing has came out of my banking account...... so that means she knows nothing ;)
Well I spent some time, and gave her a nice new bed to call her own.

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Oh yeah Wonko, she will be loved........I can prommise you that

It really is a great rifle. I get to take her out to a game here on the 21st. So I will get some kills with her then!
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No he didn't get any money from me
But I didn't pay 1K for her so all is good.


Yup that is the same case. Been using it for a lot to be honest. So I decided to replace all of the foam, and do a re-cut for her. All in all took around an hour of work to do.

There ya go man. This is the newer model of the one I have. I think I got it for so cheap due to the store getting the newer models in.
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Well everything does have its price ;)

But will need to keep it for a little bit, and play a few games with it. But yes I know people are thinking.... "but what is he going to get now?"
The M40 would be awesome! But an Ashai M60 would be really sweet as well.

Though another air rifle would be nice as well ;)
Nah something that nice would be really bad if I painted one of those. It is taking all of my will power not to paint the PWD right now....

Must put can of paint down.......

Easy there guys..... I atleast need to play a game or two with her first ;)

But yes, I think I do need a tinker gun instead though..... It would be ashame if I painted this nice of a rifle.
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