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My Baby has arived...... :D

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I can't write on here how happy and excited I am, but I can say that my wife has been saying that I am bouncing around about this rifle, like I just found out I am having a child.

I just got Wonkos old PWD MR30! Soldierofvalor had it before me, and things didn't work out for him, so as soon as I saw it was back up for sale I jumped on it.

This rifle is just amazing! The build quality and materials used are just awesome. The main rifle reminds me of my old CA M24 to be honest. And I wish I still had that rifle to see if it would fit or not. Though I may see about putting my bar10 in it and see if that works, though the outter barrel may cause a problem.

I have 4 more mags coming for the rifle and I am on the look for a killer scope for her. And I must really resist the urge to pick up a can of spray paint, and lay a few coats down ;)

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I think the M40 is more your type, you could figure out a way to rifle the barrel (it uses finned ammunition or 6mm bb's).
woogie said:
But will need to keep it for a little bit, and play a few games with it. But yes I know people are thinking.... "but what is he going to get now?"
How bout this


Nah something that nice would be really bad if I painted one of those. It is taking all of my will power not to paint the PWD right now....

Must put can of paint down.......
Don't ever paint it. And if you ever do sell, I'll take it.
I'm already first in line, but if I don't have a job/way to pay for it, it's yours.

Easy there guys..... I atleast need to play a game or two with her first ;)

But yes, I think I do need a tinker gun instead though..... It would be ashame if I painted this nice of a rifle.
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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