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Oop's. Missed making my Intro Post.
I'm really new to airsoft, but really old to real steel.
I went with the SIL and Grandson to watch. Next time we went Grandpa stopped at the local store and geared up.
Snipers appeal to me. Being a high power rifle shooter and hunter, long shots are second nature to me. And using available cover is my norm.
Besides, I can crawl around and do short sprints OK.
I have a cheapie TSD M700 in OD that I started with. It's grown into monster utilizing stuff from my gun safe (Scopes & bipod), and a new 6.01mm Tight-bore Mad Bull inner barrel. Beyond that, it seems to morph by the day.
I'm retired, I have a shop I play in, and my "man-cave" where I spend much of my days. So tinkering and modifying are also a second nature to me.
A friend from another forum PM's me links to here a lot to help me learn the Airsoft jargon and terminology, as well as several of the modifications I can do/have done myself.
I've built 3 Ghillies so far, tuned to the terrain where we play.
I'm into this thing way over my head. Too much fun!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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