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my Bar-10 Paint job

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Well its been awhile since I painted a rifle, let me know what you think. Right now its all stock if anyone was wondering.

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It is very interesting. Not sure how I feel about it, but maybe some outdoor pics will be able to change my mind. ;)
Yeah. Kinda up in the air about it. The strikes are kinda dark... looks like a zebra ;) I'm sure its just the lighting though... Outdoor pics?
yeah tomorrow sometime I will get out in my woods and take some. I play in a darker more dense area so I went a tad bit darker. it looks a lot better in person, gotta love mom's camera... If it doesn't look good when I upload outdoor pics tomorrow let me know what I should do to repaint it and whats a good scheme.
Yep, that;s the beauty of airsoft guns and painting them. If you don't like it... just do it again! Looking forward to outside pics.
Looks OK to me. I'd like to see outdoor pics too though before I judge.

New outdoor pics, don't judge my camera skills I prefer to be in the picture.
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There you go. Now it looks good! Well done.
Hmmm.... i dunno how i feel about it. One one hand it does offer a good contrast of color, but on the other it seems too uniform. All the stripes going the SAME way, SAME width, SAME color is not something you'd see in nature. In fact that's something i personally look for when hunting another shooter, shapes/patterns/colors not native to the area. It looks like it has potential though, a good base layer. Just my opinion, i'm no expert so take it as you may haha!
Yeah I just did it to break up the outline better than being all black. I will most likely add vegetation too.
It looks much better outdoors and with some veg it could prove very effective. The second picture is really neat, nice work. ;)
Thanks, I will have to see how it works in 2 weeks. My next game finally get to test the potential of it, hopefully my parts will be in by then.
For gods sake! Get some paint on that scope! ;P
My paint cans started to leak so I couldn't finish the scope off. It will have to wait another day.
Looks pretty sexy. Try putting some other colours on it such as brown and dark green. I like it.
Dates man! This is like 20 days old, which doesn't qualify as a necro, but the gallery is a really fast moving subforum, and its annoying to read halfway down a thread, and then be like "Ahh, I've read this before!". Thanks!
2Echo said:
For gods sake! Get some paint on that scope! ;P
THIS! chars is y : D
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