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I ran this last sunday at an op. My m24's spring settled so much that I now don't have a med. The only thing really missing from this loadout is my pistol although I didn't run it at all that sunday and did fine. Not having to worry about a MED is great. I blend in really well with my squad as well so people expose themselves a lot more when they don't notice I'm toting a sniper.

That red shemagh is a alpha squad thing. I don't actually wear it in game.

Just waiting on money to finish upgrading the thing and pick up optics and bipod to keep it close to what the real steel would have. I should be getting a G3 mag soon as well so I can make a fake mag out of it and put it in the right location.
...quite possiblly a stupid question...but why yellow tape?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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