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MY Bolt action

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This Is my Frankenstiens monster Well MB05. I tuned it up to preform good but I went a little crazy with the paint.
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Just took a look at this on MIA. They were given you some crap over there :(

Personally, I think it is the perfect scheme for hunting some zombies, just not people. Do not take me wrong, its not that its a bad paint job, it just has some interesting colors. I realize this is what you were going for though so nice job.

Maybe try that paint scheme, only with some greens and tans and that would look really nice.

Overall, very creative :)
Well yea I was trying to be creative and the zombie hunter apocolypse look is what I was going for but could anyone give me some pointers on how to paint camo better or am I just using a poor color scheme. I have light tan and dark green but I kept the red on so that is probably what my main issue is. But who knows maybe it will be effective like flecktarn camo. Anyway it looks a lot better in person and I should try to get this outside to take pictures by some brush which would look better and also the auto enhance feature on my computer kinda makes the red stand out more.

You know I completely hate the MIA forums anything you post can have someone flame on it. It isn't a very welcoming environment to have polite discussion. If your wrong on the forums people take it upon themselves to tear into you about it and it's really annoying. And when you try to explain your reasoning it just gets worse. :-[ I can Admit I make some bad posts but the few that I enphasize on more just get thrashed.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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