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Updated: See the bottom of this post.

I realized that it's rather time consuming to remove the cylinder on most VSR-10 clones, if not all, with one exception: SAR-10 CO2.

Whats special about the SAR-10 CO2, is the spring guide stopper(SGS from now on) that extends to the outside, so you can disengage it with ease.

After some time I felt like getting another VSR-10 clone, and found myself missing that nice SGS.

So I thought op a way to make one myself.
And here is the result:

It's a nail bend and shaped to fit. The downward slope at the nails head, is for a rubber band or equivalent, to keep it in place.

My first attempt is the middle one, the second one is on the right.

And this is hole the SGS will rest in.
I've sloped the top so its easier to pull out.

And this is the nail size I used(In millimeters: 5.5x160mm)

This is the hole I drilled in the trigger guard. Right over the SGS hole.

And now to the hop-up arm:

It's basically a 6mm steel rod, cut to the right length, and then drilled a hole in the end.
The nub is made from the foam, on the bottom of the picture.
This hop-up arm is still work in progress, and untested. ;-)

So when I feel like changing the cylinder or the spring, all I need to do is remove the nail and pull out the cylinder.

To bend the nail I used a butane torch.
Don't do this, if you can't take responsibility for your own actions.

Edit/Update: I made a new spring guide stopper, this time out of a 6mm square steel bar.



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Instead of the whole rubber band thing, why don't you just drill a hole through through the trigger guard and nail and pin it there?
I'm not sure how to do that.
Do you mean to drill another hole, in the same area of the trigger guard, as I already drilled?
That is a possibility, but I'm not sure the plastic is strong enough.

When you use a somewhat strong spring(Like M150 or M170), the SGS is held in place nicely by the tension alone.
Remember picture 3, the one on the right, theres a small slope, and it's easy to see.
That slope makes it easier to pull the SGS out, and without it theres a lot more tension.
I don't need the rubber band, but I'll like to keep it just to be safe.

I've only had it fall out if I used something like a M100
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