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So I got this up and running finally and they way I want it to look externally so I thought I'd post it up here.

It's a CA15 that's mostly stock. The only that has been done has been to add a Prometheus hop bucking, AB mosfet and a 110 spring. It shoots about 380 fps and goes out to about 160 feet. Though I haven't had the chance to really test the accuracy on it.

The next step is to get enough mags to be able to play a full game with it, (only have two x.x) and put a tightbore barrel in. Right now I'm unsure if I want to upgrade it past 400 but that's for later.

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Haha, for the record, sparrow is now aware of the rules against necro posting. We talked via pm, and everything is sorted out now.

Not to say what October said wasn't funny.

Anyways, lets let this thread die now. No need for further comments.
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