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Hey guys! I wanted to run my DMR project by you guys for some feedback. My goals for this project is an effective range of at least 200', fps consistency + or - 5, as quiet as I can get it.
Base gun: ICS transform4 (long rear wired version)

Aftermarket parts:
Prometheus EG 6.03 tbb 455mm [installed]
G&G green bucking (soon to be r-hopped with M nub) [sent to skag @hsa for r-hopping]
SHS m130 spring [installed]
SHS metal spring guide [installed]
ZCI full cylinder [installed]
SHS cylinder head [installed]
SHS air nozzle with O-ring [installed]
ZCI long high torque motor [installed]
SHS 13:1 gears [installed]
MOSFET- EF Cheetah with 16g Eco wire and deans connectors [installed]
Using turnigy 3c 11.1v 1800mah 20C-40C lipo

DIY mods:
Gearbox cleaned, polished, shimmed, regreased (Superlube with teflon) [completed]
Hop up arm shimmed [completed]
AOE corrected with sorbo [completed]
Piston head o-ring heated/expanded [completed]
Bucking sealed with Teflon and barrel stabilized with teflon [completed]
Semi auto selector plate mod coming soon [completed]
EBB disabled [completed]
Custom paint [completed]

Pictures part 1 -- Lots of pictures!

I'll post some groupings, fps, and the effective range once I get my barrel/hop up back. What do you guys think? Feedback needed! What else am I missing?

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Hi Carbzor.

I would like to mention put that low ratio gears will make your gun quiter and also give you excellent trigger response. Low ratio gears need to be paired with a high torque motor of course and a high discharge 11.1V battery to make the most of it.
I am not sure honestly how low you can go with the ratio and still pull the spring required to get you to 500fps, maybe someone with more experience can give more input on that subject.
It makes the gun more quiet because there are less rotations of the motor needed to complete a cycle so the gears make less noise that way.
Another tip to quiten the gun is by closing the area around the trigger on the gearbox because that's where the most noise comes out.

I wish you all the best with your build :)

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Yeah I've been researching gear ratios recently, but haven't come to a consensus. Glosing the trigger area sounds like a neat trick. I'll try that out and see how it goes. Thanks for the reply!
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