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My DMR, Spotter and Sniper rifle

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M28, TM M14 and ICS M4.

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Sorry I think they are ugly mix up some different paintscheme. I don`t know why I don`t like it.
Besides that my fav is the m24.
Not the m4 should have desert camo duhh. Lol besides that. If I were you I would change the m14 to something else. That brown looks like a red. Oh wait check out my review on the spring famas in the Gun review catagory. You should have that camo on the m24.
I agree red tiger is impratical. I just used my Famas as a show gun. Just to stick out a bit more and when I`m not allow to use my megapistol of doom in the lunchtime pistol games.
Personally my favorite tiger camo is like the vietnam one where it is green and black and randomness. Looks nice. My favorite camo by far is Desert tan base coat. Spitz of Darker tan a bit greenish. And the best part drag on the ground. Done. I love that paintjob.
That is SMEXY. Try sponging in some spots of green or a different color. Besides that I LOVE THAT GUN.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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