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like you said you need a full cylinder to gain as much efficiency as possible. Me personaly would even think of cutting that barrel down to 450/420mm in length, as with heavier ammo and an AoE correction that is closer to being balanced with a full cylinder.

I'd also recomend you get an Xnub from a set of red Madbull rubbers, I dont recomend the rubber itself as in every gun I've fitted them to they've been hassle, but the nub is all I would use if I cant be bothered/have time to do my more technical hop stuff. I'd still take the rubbers inner nub off your chosen rubber though, you cant fail with a stock TM or a guarder black especialy around 400fps.

I'd also add a little weight to your piston, like adding a bearing if you dont already have one, using a lead spacer among your spacers to correct your AoE etc, this helps to compress the air faster/easier especialy if using heavier bb's.

Make sure you use a nice heavy grease on the inside of your nozzle, and have done everything you can do to increase the forward pressure of your tappet plate, as this and the nozzle/rubber joint, are the weakest in the whole system.

The only thing left to do then is shim, as accuratley as possible your entire hop/barrel assembly, including all nubs, gears, nobs n whistles ;)
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