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In 2 weeks im gonna be ordering these parts and making a vsr build and posting all the steps and results as I go here so if you have any suggestions and/or help it will be highly appreciated

platform: JG367S
-good vsr10 platform with a nice scope and a suppressor i can later change

spring: PSS10 SP190
-I do not really know how much fps i will be making at the end but I was thinking about buying one more spring (sp150)

-I want to go tight on this build and this barrel is the best one for the price the one above this one is Lufa 6.01 but the price is almost double

trigger: Springer Custom works 90°
-Durable,robust,heat treated and has pretty good reviews

piston:Springer Custom works SCW 90° VSR Piston and Spring guide
-its sexy

hop up-action army chamber (everybody says it is the best one for the buck)
-omega nub maple leaf (it goes well with the bucking)
-Mr hop bucking 60°/75°(I think this one is the best one)

Im going to order them on gunfire,skirmshop and airsoftpro so EU shops only
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