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I got a Mauser SR 2 years ago.Since then,the accuracy and power has gone down considerably.My questions are:

1.Are there any mods that I could do to increase accuracy and/or power?
2.How would I upgrade the spring,and what type of spring should I use?
3.Does anyone know what size the smaller Allen Wrench is that comes with this gun?I have misplaced mine,and don't know what size to get to replace it.I'm thinking that maybe if I adjust the hop up,it will have more range.

I am very new to upgrading air soft guns,so please,bear with me.I really appreciate any help anyone can offer.I really want to make my gun at least reasonably accurate.Power is not as important to me as actually hitting my target.

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Firstly, try an intro post, as well as proofreading your post.

I will try to answer your points one by one.

1. Yes. Check out woogie's Type 96 thread. Much of the brand/make specific stuff might not work, but you could probably do some of the general stuff.

2. To upgrade the spring, you dissassemble the cylinder (I am unsure of how to do it to your gun specifically,) and replace it. However, you will want to upgrade the trigger, as well as the spring guide, piston, and cylinder head before you do that.

3. I have no idea, I would guess it is a 1-2mm allen key. And, yes, if the hopup is adjusted properly you will get better range.

Another thing that will benefit you greatly, is to simply read the forums, see what you can find.
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