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My first snipers rifle

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Hello everybody, it is nearing the time that I must choose my first rifle. These two really stand out to me Feed back would be appreciated:).
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Here is a thread on another forum regarding some information about the Airsoft GI G700. I recommend reading through it all. There are several concepts in there that are important, and I advise you read through them.

As for the G98, another thread has some good info for you. However, the thread does not start out about the G98 and you kind of have to read certain parts for the concepts that involve your questions.

The second link I have is not super helpful but has some good points in there somewhere.

Basically, both rifles you have linked have been upgraded with Airsoft Gi parts. The reason these parts are cheaper, is because they are lower quality. While they are better than stock parts in most clone rifles, they are not as good as say Laylax and PDI parts.

I would personally buy a stock UTG Mk96, rather than an Airsoft Gi upgraded one. I would use the extra cash to buy a few upgrades, and save up for some others to purchase at a later time. It will be more expensive, but worth it in the end.

P.S. Post 1111....this does not happen every day folks, this is history. ::)
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diesel said:
i to looked at both rifles and i would choose the g700 as the parts in it are beter. the g98 is simply a utg l96 with a utg upgrade kit which both gun and parts can be bought for less. however the g700 is all asgi parts and i feel are beter quality. its still not crazy insane value but a good deal for those new to sniping
First of all, that is some of the worst posting I have ever seen. Take a look at the rules, and start posting to higher standards. Another post like that and you will be receiving a warning.

Secondly, your information is incorrect. The UTG listed has other parts in it besides a basic UTG upgrade kit. When posting advice, make sure it is accurate.
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