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My Frankenstein DMR

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This is my new toy :) I scrapped five old M4s to build her. It took quite a bit of filing to get the upper and lower to fit considering they are two different manufacturers, but she is rock solid! The barrel is standard M-16 length and runs through the supressor.

The best part is the whole build only cost about $30!!!

My field regulates our FPS to 550 for a DMR and requires full auto to be disabled. My dilemma right now is I don't really know what to call her! Shes not an SR-25 or an SR-16. If you guys can identify it let me know! Hope you enjoy it!

(click images for full size)

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Nice job! Do you really have a 550 fps limit on semi-snipers over there?? Thats high!:p
How does she shoot?

Yeah, our limit is 550 and our minimum engagement distance is 100'. We are also required to either have a sidearm or a spotter. I have both

She shoots great! Especially since the goal was to build it on the smallest budget possible. The only things I may change are putting a tight bore in it and maybe a new piston (the current one sticks a little on one side of the gear box). I was landing shots at 200-250 feet with her on Saturday though, so it will be a while before I change anything.
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very nice bro :) you'd definitely enjoy invasion with that :)

(yup i made an account just to comment on this thread) lol
Haha, I wish I could make it to the invasion. I really wish I could afford Lions Claw X too... its in an old Air Force housing town.
dirtpro, please find and read Fuzzywolly's sig.

On topic, nice rifle - how long is the barrel mm wise? 509 mm? The results are amazing, whatever the rifle/length is!

With reagards to your accuracy, are you hitting on the 1st shot, or after a few?
The barrel is standard M16 length so I believe 509mm? As far as accuracy at 200 feet first shot pretty much always. At 250 I can hit on the first shot probably 80% of the time (depends on wind, random flyers, etc). Beyond 250 it usually takes 2 or 3 shots to get it right (the gun is still new to me too though), but it is semi-auto so I get a lot of shots of fast if I need to.

She's definitely a fun one!
Why do you call it your "Frankenstein" DMR. It looks absolutely amazing, good job on the build. I also really like your backyard.
Haha thank you! I call it my "Frankenstein" DMR because it truly is one, not because of its looks. It was built from many canibalized M4 and M16s.

I like the backyard too :). You should see the land behind it. I wish it were legal to airsoft back there, but its city land and public, so that would be a huge mistake (especially with all the hikers and mountain bikers.).
I think it's cool that you built a gun out of mostly spare parts from other guns. Any inaccuracy problems with it?
None at all! I regularly hit targets between 200 and 250 feet. The gun itself is pushing the 550 FPS limit my field has set at about 540. I get one or two very rare random flyers, but other than that its dead on.

It has been a truly fun project. For people who haven't done something like this I really recommend it. It is really rewarding to see all of your work pay off (I had to do a lot of filing to get the upper and lower to fit together and also had to mod a few other body parts). Plus, you will be attached to the gun like no other with all the time you put into it!

I am actually considering starting buying up old guns and creating a nice gun that functions like new then selling them.
can you show us a how to do it, how you did build your DMR ?
shoot like that fps? :)
If I get the time I'll take it apart and put up some pictures of the areas I had to mod. Mainly I had to mod the lower receiver to make the gearbox fit and the upper to fit into the lower.

Really to build a gun like this all you have to do is decide what you want the finished product to look like and then start collecting the parts for it. It took me 2.5 years to collect them, but that is because I wanted to keep cost down. I got most of my parts for free or in trades.

As far as the FPS, that all has to do with your spring, the compression in front of the piston, and what your gears can handle. I honestly couldn't tell you the exact parts in the gear box at the moment because I took parts from different guns and put them together till I got the best results. I know many of the internals are Systema, which is great since they were free, but I personally wouldn't spend the money on them new.

My first question towards helping you Patriot would be how much experience do you have with disassembling/assembling AEGs? Do you know how the components of an AEG fit together or not? If not I will try to do more detail on the take down so you can see how it all fits together.

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I know a bit about AEG's/
I know more about vsr's !

But systema, nice :)
Not really a fan of systema, but that can always change, right? ;)
But if you could show pictures with some text, that would be cool.
I will wait for new updates :)

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Yeah, I am not a huge fan of Systema either, but since I didn't pay for them, the parts went in!

Give me a few days to work on it. It actually may be a week or two unfortunately because of finals and end of semester projects. I will get it up ASAP.

Unless anyone has any objections I will probably just make it a tutorial on how to work on an M4/M16 type of weapon since that is essentially all that the process of building it was.
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