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My gear [UPDATE new pictures 2nd page]

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Hey guys, you guys got some nice gears here at gallery, so I decided to upload my gears too.
Here is my vest, stock TM MP5K (it's a little darker in nature) and upgraded TM vsr-10 G-Spec.

My ghillie, showing the backside of the pants.

Showing the frontside of the pants.

I'm going to buy some coyote brown and brown colour to paint the jute darker, I also got some leftover green paint, might use it too.
The vsr-10 has a nineball airseal bucking, deepfire sears, pdi spring guide stopper, in the next month or so I think i get my aluminium piston and spring guide so I can put in the m150 spring.
I'm going to get a new battery, new wiring, deans plugs for the mp5k, then I'm going to get a tbb to the g-spec, then i'll just see what future has for me. :)
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Don't you find carrying the Mp5k a little clumsy? I used to run with one and I hated the extra weight that might only get used once or twice a day.
Well, the mp5k is mainly for winter and cqb games, I've used the mp5k as sidearm few times, I put my sling tight, and just unplug the mp5k, lay g-spec on the ground and unleash the inferno.
What brand is that vest and do you like it? I've been looking for good crossdraw vest
The vest is strike systems, it's pretty nice, only drawback might be that the pistol holster is a bit too much on the side, you can fit 6 mp5 long magazines or 2 m4/etc, there is space for 2 pistol magazine or 2 short mp5 magazines, there is also pockets for radio, co2, speedloader, you can also adjust it wider or longer. I'd give it 8 1/2 out of 10, I wouldn't recommend it if you are a big guy. (>L size)
Darn, I'm generally considered a little on the large side. Thanks for the info! I'll keep looking :)

BTW that G-Spec is sexy!
I'm guessing your not the best at paint jobs? (Silencer) Don't worry I was the same. Just order some spray paint online (Krylon or purpose spray pain) and your paint-jobs will turn out much better.
Yeah, I just tested the paints on the silencer, I didn't have any veggies because everything outside has large layer of snow, guess I just were lazy.
Btw, I painted the kurz.
That mp5k is hideous! Give it some wear or something! ;)

Suit looks good, some outdoor shots would give us a better taste of how it looks.
MP5K color...... reminds me of... Eggnog? xD

Needs flat black. Suit looks good, I second the outdoor pics!
Give the ghillie a few mud baths to get some new off of her. Did you paint the mp5?
@fuzzy, I just painted the mp5k few days ago, but don't worry, I'm gonna play with it tomorrow, and later I think of adding some brown.
Also I doubt outdoor pics help, there is 20 inches snow, therefore I neither can give the mudbaths.
Got some paint job done on the mp5k and the ghillie, also got a camelbak insulated better bottle and a flecktarn boonie, the boonie is a work in progress, the white spots are glue, also I need to do some more painting on the ghillie.

I need some ideas how to conceal the shiny bottle a little bit, I putted my hand next to it for size comprarison.

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You could use some camo form tape. The mp5 looks ssooo much better now.
Cool pics, where did you get a thermal sleeve for your camelback bottle? (I have the same one :)
) Thanks man.
It's no sleeve, it's an insulated version of the better bottle, I would say it keeps water cold for good 5 hours, after that it gets to room temperature in 7-9 hours, so it takes around 13 hours until it's from ~5celsius to around 20celsius. ;)
Finally got her! It's Classic Army G3sg/1 with high torgue (goldenstar or something like that) motor, g&p gearbox, g&p gear, deepfire piston, -head, mosfet and a few other upgrades. I don't have a battery that could make that motor shoot it so I can't try that, but I'll get some lipos soon.
Some pictures:

She's missing a flashhider (right word?) at the moment though. :(
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