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My ghillie

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This is my first ghillie suit, it is hand made for the woodland environment that I play in. I was wondering if this was a good suit for my first time or is there too much jute?
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Looks pretty good. Definitely add some vegetation to your suit and I think you will have yourself a pretty nice ghillie. It would be cool to see some pictures of it in your woodland area, and see how she blends.

Looks to me like there might be alittle too much jute, but cannot really tell from the picture. Good news is that if you end up deciding their is too much jute, you can just take some of it out without much of a hassle.
Ok thanks, I wasn't really sure how much jute to use when I was making the suit. I will most likely end up taking off some of the jute to leave more space for natural vegetation.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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