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My Greeting

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Hey, some of you may know me from MiA, and some of you wish you didn't. ;)

I decided that I would give the art of sniping a fair shot. I have done about 2% of my exploring of this role in airsoft. And I have done quite a bit. I am working on getting my gear and rifle.

I am open to any suggestions. And you may see me at games here and there.

Just thought I would say hi to all of you on the boards.
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I've seen you around on there, i'd suggest having this getting move to the "Introduction" section. I'll let Fuzzy know to move it!
Welcome aboard! Glad you made it over here. ;)
Thank you! I had the hardest time finding the introduction board. Ha! But I found it. I am still excited, to get my new load-out and etc. I may keep my M4 because this guy that was supposed to buy it hasn't talked to me in forever. So I will have to find a new income to support my new interest.

I hope I can contribute to the boards and such in the future. But for now I will stick with my newbie prefix, and read everything. ;)
You will definitely be welcomed here. ;)

If you just started sniping we here can definitely help you out. We have some really great snipers on these forums. No wonder it's a airsoft sniping forum though.
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Welcome man...

I am sure that we would be able to help you out with all of the questions that you have. I know there is a wealth of knowledge here, and many MANY good people here.
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