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Hello Airsoft sniper forum im Gunner and im
New to airsoft snipers my first sniper is
a Asg Steyr Ssg69 p2 i got for 50$

My goal is to modify it so it looks/feels and shoots like a high end model

I have experience in Crafts carpentry
And also circuity and soldering
And hve been doing simle diy repairs and mods on airguns/airsoft guns for years.

My tools is a drillpress,dremmel,compressor/airbrush,
tap&dies,and pretty much anything you can find in a normal garage

i also have a handrouter that cuts steel like butter that can be fixed to a table and used for light machining

Im willing to do things the hard way and make custom parts if that's whats needed to succeed.

I also want to share all the experiences i make so other people can learn from my epic fails or wins

Ive never played airsoft before but man it looks fun.. i just known its right for me

So far i love this forum !
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