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Hi guys this is my first post here on ASF here is a little more information on myself.

My name is Frank, I am an irish airsofter for nearly 2 years. I started out with an M4 AEG and about 8 months ago I changed over to the sniper role.

My gear currently is:


TM VSR 10 G-Spec, upgraded with:

R-Hop, 3-d printed high engagement arm, Alu piston and spring guide firing at 0.9J (Our limit here in Ireland is 1J). I hope to upgrade to a EdJI upgrade kit in the future.


KJW M9 Baretta Green Gas shooting at 0.9J also.I also have a new secondary on the way soon.

My camo:

Woodland camo, hoping to get my hands on a head and shoulders ghillie in the future.


I also do airsoft scopecam videos feel free to look me up on facebook (renderscope) or look up my videos on youtube I wont post links here unless someone asks for them. I run a JVC HD camcorder as my scopecam and a helmet mounted GoPro hero 4 Silver. I hope to get a third camera to mount on my outer barrel in the future.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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