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My L129a1 impression

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As title suggests really was modelled on the gun below. Soon to have r-hop installed, fetted, all aoe done blah blah and the rest of it, now need to use it on the field!

Long time no post, bloody re activation emails were going in my junk mail!
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Brilliant documentry yes mate, choked me up! Deep respect goes out to them. thanks for the compliments ont the rifle too. Just been re reading your holy grail thread for the millionth time lol, need to go back inside her for the r-hop install so ill be going back over the rushed internals.
Ok mate looking forward to it, thanks for the heads up.
A little front heavy, less so than my old m14 with ras kit if thats any comparison. Im sma for my age and its no problem for me to carry.
Thanks mate, thats an llm01 on the front of the rifle. Like a peq but made for the L85. To actually complete the look i need a vortex flash hider and the laser light module. Just a shame i ran out of cash lol
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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