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My L96 paint job and external mods...

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The long delayed pictures


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I'm kinda bad at adding pics...


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I ripped off triangular peices of tape off my tape roll and you put them on your gun and spray paint over it. You can add more colors by after each coat adding more tape. Just make sure that its not over other tape...
Low profile scope rings, larger scope, harris bipod, lose the supressor thing on the end and you sir are golden!
I don't usually have it on... I am painting my orange tip because it was taped before...

That isn't a harris bipod... I wish it was but thats just the one that came with the gun...
That isn't a harris bipod... I wish it was but thats just the one that came with the gun...
Umm...? Hence why I said you should get one...
Oh... I misunderstood you... sorry...
How did you do the fake magazine? Can I see a pic of the guns underside? Thanks.
I had an old spring M14.... terrible gun.... I broke it so many times

I took a saw put it in a vice and saw the bottom portion off. Then i just hot glued it on the bottom of my gun... you can see a little glue if you look close but you probaly won't notice

How did you do your mag?
Mine was a little bit more complicated. I Originally was going to cut out a section and permanently attach the mag but I changed my mind halfway through lol.

I basically got an m14 mag, cut it the size i'd like. Outline it on the gun. Dripp two holes for wooden dowels. et a piece of wood that'd fit in the m14 mag. Attach and glue to the the dowels. Attach and glue dowels into the holes in the stock tightly.

Then I drilled two holes in the bottom of the M4 mag and screwed the magazine into the piece of wood sticking out from the stock.
You did alot more work.... lol
copied mine from a well G96 mag..cut a slot on the stock and fixed it with a epoxy steel....
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