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My latest rifle group.

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VFC V.2 M82a1
A&K SVD with HP SVD Bipod
Asahi WA-2000 DX
Maxed TM PSG1
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That would however be very risky and would possibly alter the pristinness of the rifle. That rifle is worth more than my birth rights.
Figure I should try to keep my rifles in one thread.

PWD MR-30pg, it's weight and feel is just tits...

Stock internals are remarkable to. Ball bearing thick spring guide, machined sears, and awesome piston. Nothin but a PSS2 210 spring and a KWA G2 Hop up Bucking going in this.
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Again like I said on the other forum .... I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Where did you find it and how much... Because I have wanted one of those for ever!!
Bought it from SniperX, he had literally never used it, paid 800$. The cylinder was free of scratches from being cocked showing zero use from the rifle.
You lucky bastard. I would give all my rifles for that thing... Very cool rifle.

So how about a vid of it shooting or something. Would love to see a walk through vid.
Perhaps some day, I dont make videos, so...
Damn, that M82a1 looks like a beast, too bad its too heavy to lug around and isn't that accurate :-/ .
Well hell send it to me and I will make a video of the barret, the WA, and the MR 3...;)
Sparrow, you have necro posted way too many times. I let a few slide, but now its gotten out of hand. Only necro posts allowed are ones that offer good information to the thread.

Please read the rules. Silent already informed you of this. Otherwise you will be taken a long vacation.
Sparrow said:
If you don't have anything relevant to add to a post, please don't necropost.
21 - 34 of 34 Posts
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