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Base: MARUZEN type96


Canyon 499 6.00 EDGI
Fijo custom Kit, Trigger, Piston, Guide
PDI Hop Up Chamber type96
Spacer barrel EDGI Type96 (you must tornearlos, to enter, its 1.6 mm larger)
Shredder SCS concave spacer
Hop up rubber Red MadBull
Neoprene tube dn 20
fijo custom silent damper
Pier 3 turns 250% cut ( 545FPS ), there are things that do not appear in the picture
the optics is a busnhell 3.5x9x50 (COPY)

detail in an exclusive trigger I make my friend Fijo

the replica is making 10 of 10 targets at 80 meters with bb of 0.30 of MadBull, the great advantage is extremely precise and silent is as inconvenient weight, carrying the body and gun tube filled this increases much


VSR10 TM full fijo custom bore up

this is the last we've assembled a tm vsr cylinder, piston, guide and trigger fijocustoms in beta version (the new ones are under development) the setup is this:

Fijo custom trigger
cylinder, guide, piston bore up cylinder head of fijo customs
Fijo silent custom dumpers
violet Nineball hop up rubber
bolt handle of pdi
pdi 280% spring vsr (200mm) 540 fps
pdi 6.01 of 430mm cannon
custom body filler and cannon to silence external
various couplings mods for video cameras
the gun is modified, the replica is a pro sniper and was adapted to a wider and thicker barrel to attach a silencer well
this is the "little girl"

the replica is now making 6 of 10 targets in the human body measured with laser rangefinder to 98 meters using bb of 0.40 MadBull washed and weighed.

assembly and the history of all changes to the replica (almost 6 months of work) are in Spain airsoftsnipers forum, if anyone would like to see any changes



I am the lucky owner of one of the SVD is 100% accurate copy of the original model, weight and other means are exactasnlo only to be modified is to hop up rubber that was changed to a blue MadBull a little harder, the 690 mm cannon and 6.05 that comes standard with 4-gear to gear that comes standard does it all, despite his 121cm-long deal with it is simple and 70 meters is the lethal range, use it now bb of 0.28 g & g

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I think PDI makes a bolt handle like that too...

Nice guns! Although, I have to ask, can we see your custom parts?

Son armas hermosas, pero podríamos ver las cosas cuyos hiciste a mano?
trigger design is Fijo and the framework for my

the cilinder of the vsr was one and the 6 that were built for testing,

in the photo full bore up kit Fijo cylinder, guide bearings, spring (280% pdi) cylinder head


use the google translator, sorry if not well understood

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this week the family has grown, Tanaka Kar98k G version, I'm more than happy

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:


and kick in the photo a Maruzen p38

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

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Hello the gun was purchased in a used goods market, antetior sehun the owner told me to state the fusil on the wall of the room for 7 years and not never played airsoft, costwith a gun Maruzen p38 € 400 and the idea is to mount a rifle like wearing Ed Harris in the movie Enemy at the Gates

sorry for my english i use google translator

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take me a few days ago an enormous surprises, by chance that I found for sale was my first sniper purchased in 2005, I could not resist the temptation to buy it again and you're back home is a one warrior 1 -L96A1

and I've added this whim of mk23 customs

review in Spanish

greetings from spain
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