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I know I'm a strange dude! I get a short rifle and make it longer like a Dmr, and get a long rifle and shorten it up,lol.. Never could leave my toys alone!

With that being said, I recently aquired an Sr25 and had the itch to screw around with it a bit..

I took off the heavy RAS and opened up the inside diameter of a delta ring till it slid into place, used two delta ring springs so it would have nice strength to hold the hand guard in place. I opened the front ring also so it would fit over the large outer barrel. Now I have my Magpul Pts Moe handguard on it and I really dig the look!

I am searching for a battery holding crane stock and am debating on shortening the barrel a few inches down to where the gasblock is. Basically its a M4 on steroids,lol.. But its looking sweet in my opinion and I may just keep the long barrel. I will debate it for a good while before I make any permenant changes incase I change my mind. :tup: And since its an easy to get to hopup, I may just try out an R hop in it. And it looks much better in person, the picture doesnt show the details as much but the new handguard looks great up close.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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