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My M9's.

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-NineBall tightbore
-King arms AAC suppressor
-G&G threaded barrel
-Custom night sites. (Sorry Oakey ;))

KSC M9 Gen2 Full metal
-Extra Mag
Comes 350fps

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Damn, dude.
I was thinking of getting myself a gas pistol later when I had enough money.
The night sights look damn sexy on there.

And sense its you Livonia I was expecting a longer suppressor.
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-Custom night sites. (Sorry Oakey ;))
It's okay, mine are going to be green anyways. We'll have matching guns for Christmas.... ;)
Thanks guys, and thats why I went with the red Oakey.
Those are really awesome, I love the silencer, it's perfect size for the pistol!

Do you carry both onto the field when you play. My other question is do you carry it with the suppressor or do you attach it when necessary. I was just wondering because my holster can't hold a silencer too, but I've always wanted to get a threaded barrel and a silencer.

Nice guns keep up the good work!
The funny thing is... I don't carry a sidearm.

I use the full metal one in CQB, but it does shoot almost 350fps. My suppressed one is a project gun, which will probably be my primary for CQBB once I finish it and let the metal one become my sidearm for my rifle. We will see.
haha thats great!

the silenced pistol would be good for sniping though.

still great guns.
Makes me want to get an M9 over some other gas pistols I was thinking about. Sweet guns.
Hey Livonia I can't see the pictures anymore, did someone take it out or, is it just my computer?
I moved them to a new album in my photobucket, I'll fix them soon. Or they will be fixed by the time you read this.
they get really fun after you put some 93R parts in em ;)
This is Livonias pistol BTW. I was playing around after I made a custom trigger spring for it

Livonia always bum extra mags off me in the field. I have 4 KWA 93R mags for my 2 93R's
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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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