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My Maruzen Summer 2010

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So I repainted it and took some better pictures in a patch of sunlight in my backyard. The paint is much lighter green, perfect for Michigan. There is no black, just shadows.

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Gotta love that rain
where I live it rains about 10 months out of the year

Looks good though, really like the ace bandage grip

What's that red piece on the scope?
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octoberknight said:
What's that red piece on the scope?
It's just a release for the flip up cover. Press the red button and it opens the spring loaded cover.
The grip is fiberglass wrap, its permanently on there, and the whole stock is coated in fiberglass resin as well. The red thing is the little flip open lever for my scope cover. The cheek rest is fiberglassed too, but has a pad over it.
Why the fiberglass resin? I suppose it could probably add some grip?
I got the gun used a long time ago, the body doesn't have a few of the bolts that hold the two haves together. It fattened it up a bit and held it together a lot better, there was a hideous seam before.
Your rifles always look good Livonia! But yeah definitely lighten it up and you'll be invisible with this during the summer.
Oh I get it now, Is that the same stuff they make casts out of these days.
Close, but I don't think they use fiberglass. There is a mat or cloth type material you add a resin to, the wrap on my grip and cheekrest is a piece of Tshirt with resin to make it hard. I plan on making a body for the chassis out of real fiberglass cloth, just need to make a mold. Currently, it is only a fiberglass resin coating, it has helped tremendously for keeping paint from chipping or wearing off.

You can even use hockey tape as a material for the resin, simply wrap what you want in the tape, then add the resin.
Cause the stuff they used for my cast they dipped in water, then it heated up some and became hard as rock, seriously I had a friend step on the cast, He weighed about 180lbs and It did not even creak.
New pictures and paint. Probably paintjob 11.
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