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My meager collection

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Well, here are a cruddy picture I took of my collection while everything was still in the house.

Top to bottom:

Booster tuned Kokusai Crimebuster (currently shipped back to Booster for a couple spring replacements)

Tanaka M24 PCS (Currently SPF)

BAR-10 upgraded incredibly (full laylax) Shooting 563 FPS with about 300' of range. Amazing rifle.

Kokusai Crimebuster which is currently disassembled (no engine in pics) for a project.

MGC G18 Ridiculous ROF on duster gas, horrible accuracy, rare as hell.
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Take care of that second crimebuster, that sucker goes like you wouldn't believe...

Are the mags in your booster-tuned version airtight? Do they need to be?
Alright, I thought they were the kokusai BV mags for a minute there...

You WILL need a mill for that. I cracked mine open, and the V2 gearbox is very very hollowed out. Besides, it might be cool to try a v3, or something. Maybe a v6 (?), then you can put it into a PSG-1!

Can I have the old body for the crimebuster after you transplant the engine? Just a bit of nostalgia...
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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