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My meager collection

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Well, here are a cruddy picture I took of my collection while everything was still in the house.

Top to bottom:

Booster tuned Kokusai Crimebuster (currently shipped back to Booster for a couple spring replacements)

Tanaka M24 PCS (Currently SPF)

BAR-10 upgraded incredibly (full laylax) Shooting 563 FPS with about 300' of range. Amazing rifle.

Kokusai Crimebuster which is currently disassembled (no engine in pics) for a project.

MGC G18 Ridiculous ROF on duster gas, horrible accuracy, rare as hell.
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Want you really want is that tuned Crimebuster... It's amazing.
I actually really like the Tanaka system, I think that the main problem is the lack of upgrades for all the parts that really need them. If you can get someone to machine the parts for you, I think the system itself has great potential.
I've owned this tanaka for about 2 years now, have taken it down enough times to know the whole system like the back of my hand. I think the system itself is a well thought-out system, but the construction methods and materials were not up to par. If one can rebuild the system with CNC'ed hardened steel parts one will have a very reliable gun.
It looks even more amazing in person.

I really love that gun, even though it's not technically mine.
I don't believe they are airtight, and they don't need to be. The M16A2 V-match version just uses a different magazine design and nozzle length.

The second Crimebuster is actually getting put into a V2 mechbox and given an ER-hop treatment.
I'll need to find someone to make a new air nozzle, I'm actually not sure how much I'll need to take off for the AEG conversion, I measured the engine body as being significantly smaller in diameter than an AEG cylinder. I do have a source for a plastic V2 to fiddle with until I figure out how to do it.

I would say yes for the body, but I want it for the same reason lol
1 - 8 of 15 Posts
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