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My new Airsoft L96

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Hey, im new to this forum, and new to airsoft bolt actions :) I recently got a Mauser l96 folding stock (better than the older, now discontinued mauser sr)

this is my first airsoft bolt action, but i have many other guns, spring, aeg, gas...etc

Anyway, all i was wondering was, is it normal for the bolt cylinder to scratch, through pulling the bolt back and forth ?

I ask because I recently noticed 2 very little scratches on the cylinder, the scratches are both in the same area, almost top of each other in a way, going along the cylinder, abit less than an inch long, they are where the cylinder is exposed through what would be the ejection port on the real l96 when the bolt is forward.

I released the bolt and took it out to see if there was anything the cylinder may have scratched against but there didn't seem to be anything.

I dont see how the sears could have done it, because like i explained the marks are on the side of the bolt, not under it.

I know this wont effect the rifle, but i would like to keep my fav part and feature of the gun...the bolt, scratch free (unless it is normal) i would think it is normal to acquire some marks on the bolt from sliding the bolt back and forth with each shot...but as it is my first i just want to make sure.

Anyway could i please get alittle advice cheers !
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Welcome to the forum, but you should make an intro post ;)

But my M24 does that, I think it's the receiver scratching the cylinder because you're pulling it at an angle.

Think about it, you're always pulling on the bolt handle alone so you're going to be pulling it back + to the right.
Some people think (me included) that if you put your thumb behind the bolt so it becomes a straight bolt pull it helps.
thanks xD

so it is a common thing in a bolt actions.... i suspected it would be, anyway aslong as its normal and theres not somthing wrong with mine its fine.

So your saying when im pulling the bolt back i should not only grip the bolt handle, but the other side of the frame too (sry i dont know how else to describe it
) where the safety would be if it were on the opposite side ?
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Hold on, I'll just take a picture of what I mean. It's much easier than trying to explain it (I know my explanation isn't the best!)
Here you go.

I think it's pretty self-explanatory ;)

(Sorry for the bad focus in the pictures, I use an Ixus for snapshots and it's not the best at knowing where you want to focus :S)
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ohh thanks allot man !!
i hope it i didnt cause you too much trouble. The pics are fine, even more so considering you had one hand free

ok so ill always bolt it like that from now on, thanks for the tip. So griping it like that simply guides the bolt back straighter..right.

thanks again
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No worries

Now I'm in the pics mood it's time to make a disassembly guide for my GBBR M4.... Thanks :)
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haha cool xD

have fun ! sounds abit more complicated than a bolt action haha
Less than an AEG though ;)
More realistic too, that's the main point for me having one
oh really, very nice. So its quite similar to a real m4 ? well one of the reasons why i like gas powered pistols for example is because of the fact they are just more realistic due to the metal quality finish and build, they are a good replica of the real thing. But i imagine a blow back rilfe would be even closer to the real thing
It is, but living in the UK means I don't have a chance to own an AR right now so I can't really give a fair comparison realism wise so I can only say it looks more realistic than an AEG

It's got a nice kick to it as well ;)

Well, maybe 'feedback' would be a better word to describe it, but it's nice.
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yeah yeah sounds very cool. i just have a spring powered m4
i got awhile ago before the law about guns being colored was in place and allthat

besides my air rifle i dont have anything that gives an actuall kick, it is pretty nice shooting and the gun actually jolting abit. But i imagine its pretty awesome on full auto with the little kick it gives hahah
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Sne4k, welcome to the forums, please make an intro post in the appropriate section as well as capitalizing the letter "I" and using proper grammar and punctuation.

I've also found a very fine sandpaper on the inside of the reciever helps as well.
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