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Hey Guys!

I just received this beauty in a trade, and I wanted to share her beauty with the people I knew would appreciate it the most!

G&P "SPR" Build

G&P Marine Metal Upper & Lower Receiver
G&P Nylon Fiber Grip
King Arms PA66 Nylon Fiber Full Stock
G&P M3 Scope (Not in picture)
G&P SR-25 Scope Mount Base A (Sniper Version)
G&P SPR Silencer
G&P Multi Purpose QD Bipod with RAS Bipod Mount
G&P Steel Bolt Stop for Marui M4 / M16 Series
G&P Steel Magazine Catch for G&P Metal Body & Marui M16 Series
G&P Steel Selector
Runs a LiPo 2200mAh 11.1v 20C
Tango Down Vert Grip

G&P 8mm Reinforced mechbox
G&P 8mm Steel Bushings
Classic Army Reinforced Polycarb Piston, Full Steel Rack
G&G Steel Piston Head
G&P Steel Cylinder Head
G&P Steel Air Nozzle
G&P Selector Plate (Modified)
SYSTEMA ENERGY Super Torque Gear Set (AR Latch Removed)
SYSTEMA M130 Spring
SYSTEMA Type-1 Cylinder
ASSC (Smart Control Unit) - PTW Equivalent ECU (Response, Functionality, 3rd Burst, Full Auto, etc...)
Customized Tigger (To improve ASSC purpose)
SYSTEMA Hopup Chamber
SYSTEMA Hopup Bucking (Modified)
PDI 6.01mm 500mm TBB
SYSTEMA A-to-Z Motor

She hits torso sized targets at 225' every shot, but I haven't had a chance to test her at a further range. This picture is in the previous owner's configuration, I'll post more Pics one I figure out what I want to run for Optics on her.

UPDATE : I decided to go for an AMEOBA 552 for optics. I'm going to get a Bomber 3x Mag on a FTS Mount. Range results soon to come :)


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This is overkill. Seriously that is pretty much the same kinda set up a fellow airsofter at my site has. His gun cost him 1250. How much would that cost to build? And then shipping too! Seriously nice gun.

EDIT: (I'm wondering cost cause I want to make a gun myself - that would be my ideal set-up.)

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Yeah, the NV Monocular really isn't my first choice either haha.

Right now I have a G&P Aimpoint on it, which works flawlessly for it's effective range. I'm going to play around with some different Optic setups over the next month to see what will work the best, but eventually I'm thinking I want to get a Hurricane 553 and a Bomber 3x Mag on a FTS Mount for a really nice Mid-Range setup.

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The previous owner had it configured for Night Games. (Note the G&P IR Box up front) But I plan to just run it as a normal DMR. I'm really excited about this. I'll post some more pics along with some Range Results as soon as I am given the chance.

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Mgunner, Yeah, it is. I traded him my Tanaka M40A1 setup because he was looking to just run a boltie.

Maverick, I actually didn't receive them frfom the previous owner, as I felt the cost completely outweighed the benefit of having NV Optics for the (2?) Night games that were scheduled into this season. Sorry man.

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No worries man, thought I would ask anyways. I probably would have done the same thing you did haha. I know they can be pretty expensive. I'm thinking about getting a night optic because the field I work at runs night games every Friday in the summer.

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Night games are awesome. When I play one I try to set up some ice fountains with tripwire. You should see if they are allowed on your field, if you want to know how the tripwire works just pm me.

But these things are great, it's like a flashbang without a bang, but with a 45sec burn time :), that's 45 secs to aim and fire

A friend of mine, who was unaware of it, activated it and was like: " Uh, guys, I think I activated a, AAARGH WT* IS THAT, I CAN'T SEE! HIT!" I shot 3 other guys, not much effort, aswell.

Ice fountain (5 pieces) = 5 euro?
Ice fountain at a night game = priceless.
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