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My New Polar Star DMR (new pics)

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So it has been quite a while since I have been active on this forum :'(. It was also a while since I got a good game of airsoft in as well. But luckily things have changed lately and I would enjoy sharing.

So as the title says, I have bought into the Polar Star Fusion Engine. And anyone who says anything against it is greatly mistaken. It is the best thing a DMR could ever have. Adjustable Air flow to match your length barrel, adjustable fps (duh), adjustable nozzle depth pull making any magazine usable. Beyond that, the rate of fire can be changed on the fly. And that's only touching the surface. With these adjustments, after chronoing 400 with .25's you can drop in .4's and hardly drop the fps that you would if you did the same in an AEG due to the changes you can make with how long the air is being released down the barrel. And your .4's will be on a rope.The problem now I have heard is that there aren't bb's heavy enough out. But thats a different matter altogether.

Anyway, if anyone is interested I can throw up pics or answer any questions that I may know the answers to. I hope to throw up a battle report once I get a good game with it. :)

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Yeah the V3 would be nice as well.

Would be fun to get one just for the parts as well ;)
How much of a difference is there between a V2 gear box and a V3?
Thread is still worthless with out pics !!!!!
Ok it is about time

What does it say about using Co2 with the system?
As long as you have good reg you should be fine, and if you were only using the rifle in a semi auto mode you should be good.

And alot of it I would think, would be the people that will hold down the trigger on full auto. You really don't want to be doing that ;)
What kind of mags does yours take?

And if you get just the drop in kit, can you use any mag that you want? or is there a specific brand they suggest?
I am serriously thinking about selling my WE M4 and picking up one of these......
It is called a "Yoke" not a choke ;)

Yeah that is what I was thinking.... though if I can get this build done here I will have my own, for far cheaper!
1 - 8 of 46 Posts
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