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My New Polar Star DMR (new pics)

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So it has been quite a while since I have been active on this forum :'(. It was also a while since I got a good game of airsoft in as well. But luckily things have changed lately and I would enjoy sharing.

So as the title says, I have bought into the Polar Star Fusion Engine. And anyone who says anything against it is greatly mistaken. It is the best thing a DMR could ever have. Adjustable Air flow to match your length barrel, adjustable fps (duh), adjustable nozzle depth pull making any magazine usable. Beyond that, the rate of fire can be changed on the fly. And that's only touching the surface. With these adjustments, after chronoing 400 with .25's you can drop in .4's and hardly drop the fps that you would if you did the same in an AEG due to the changes you can make with how long the air is being released down the barrel. And your .4's will be on a rope.The problem now I have heard is that there aren't bb's heavy enough out. But thats a different matter altogether.

Anyway, if anyone is interested I can throw up pics or answer any questions that I may know the answers to. I hope to throw up a battle report once I get a good game with it. :)

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I got just the gearbox. And they are coming out with a version 3 gearbox fusion engine too. So that dream can be realized.
That will be awesome in the Barrett! Mine is up and running. Its beautiful. I love it. The only thing I ran into was i had to do a little sanding on my metal body to get it to fit. Like 2 minutes worth. And I had to do the mod to make my selector switch hit full auto once in the metal body.

Where did you order it from?
The fusion engine itself is 425. But with high demand the price went up in some places. I one of the few
Fusion engines Airsoft gi had and I used a coupon code as well to knock it down to 360. I got it for a killer price.
:) I know. I saw them post the product up by pure luck and i snagged it asap! Ill throw some pictures up of my setup later tonight.
Well the v3 fusion engine hasn't been released yet. But it is in the process of being made. I would assume it would be for the same price. And the only thing different would be that it fits into a v3 gearbox compatible gun.
HEY! Everyone is crapping on my thread with v2 vs v3 gearbox talk! :) it's ok. But as stated, none of that even comes close to mattering with the fusion engine. Which makes the fusion engine amazing :)

I tried to post pictures but photobucket is being a D-bag. I'll try again later.
I haven't taken any tests "per-say" at least nothing numbers wise. But with ability to adjust length of time air is pushed down the barrel I was able to shoot .4's on a rope with essentially no hop engaged. I could shoot the .4 on a rope further and more accurately with little to no hop up compared to my aeg that shot 375 fps with a .3 and that was when I had a lot of my hop engaged.
goldentrigun said:

They won't give you bandwidth problems like photobucket will.
Thank you fine sir.
Don't give me that crap woogie! Pics are up on first page!! :)
CO2 IS A NO NO!!!! Only HPA!! CO2 will ruin the system. HPA is supremely better then CO2.
Point being, polar star says only run hpa. So run hpa. It's not expensive lol. If I paid good money for a great system I'm not going to do anything that could possibly hurt it. Hpa is a dollar per thousand psi. And if I am not running the fusion engine as a dmr and want to run it as a support weapon(the other area it really shines) then I definetly will be going full auto. But that isn't for this forum :).

And what bbs are good to use? Heavy ones. Like honestly I wouldn't run much less then a .4. It can handle putting them out there with extreme accuracy so might as well take advantage of it. Bioval is working on even heavier bbs and even dimpled
Bbs like a golf ball.
mroverkill said:
I personally use 12g CO2 capsules, no reg, upside down with .12g bb's from walmart, good?
Ima have to try that out. Lol
So I'm thinking of turning it into something like the look of the g&p woc gbb sniper.

I love the look of that gun. But I feel a ubr stock will better help me with playing multiple roles from dmr/sniper to assault or gunner. Where as the prs stock kind of limits roles. I feel it would be a little more bulky and cumbersome if not used just for sniping or dmr.
I just hate the look of a full stock! I like the prs but I just feel like it won't be as versatile or mobile as the ubr.
Haha I don't think ima put that grip on it. I have a contoured grip that I like a lot. But I feel that the psg1 grip is a love hate kind of thing.
So Field report on the polar star fusion engine.

about 2500 rounds were put through it without a single hitch. The.4's were getting hopped with my hop arm set to nothing. This thing is insane and has such an incredible presence on the field. I used semi only for half of the day until I ran out of .4's. I then switched to a mix of .25's and .2's . I have some playing to do with my hop unit to get things right. SCS nub and a prommy bucking are on the way. Next I will need one of those brilliant edgi 6.01 inners.

I have also learned that madbull .4's are the SAME thing (for all intensive purposes) as evike's matrix brand .4's. they perform the same from what I can see and have the same quality for cheaper. If I wasn't deceived, could even have just re-branded the madbull bb.
Woogie, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. P* even is making longer nozzles so you can drop them into an sr-25. I keep wanting to do this but I really don't want to switch over to 7.62 mags. This weekend I have two ops. One I will
Be running as a sniper with my tank set up to give me 500 fps with .25's (red
Nozzle) and the other event will be closer quarters urban environment so I may slap the blue
Nozzle back in to be safe and have fun with the rof on this sucker.

I also have aquired a scuba tank and choke to turn it into a fill station for my
Hpa tank. :)
HAHA yes i cant believe i called it a yoke. Maybe my Iphone auto corrected it (it does that dumb crap some times). Thank you lol.
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