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I know its not tricked out yet but here are some pics of my new baby, the 2010 roll out model JG-Bar 10! Im new to the airsoft sniping but I have the heart, passion and more to excel in this role. I have already excepted that I will be out gunned and sniping is not call of duty where you can get 1 million kills. Thanks to everyone for your help and ideas.

Fresh from the UPS truck!


Fresh gun guts! The bottom picture shows the clone stock (The one that is shiny black) and the JG stock (Nice rubber)

Rifle Name: The "Light" of (G)od

Rifle Internals: Nine Ball VSR-10 Bucking

Everything else is stock but i'm currently making mods and have parts on the way.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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