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April 2nd, 2011, I made the best buy in my life. I ordered the 100k Mystery Box. And boy, I got lucky.
The box arrived when I got home from Ace Hardware, was buying screws and electrical tape for my Sniper Rifle. (Air Compression, and getting a new hop-up set screw.)
I grabbed the box and brought it outside, and I saw the black box inside the box. I was like could it be the KWA M16 Battle Rifle? God, was I wrong. BETTER.
Inside the box was the VFC 416 by H&K, the most expensive gun I could possiblely get from the box. I jumped for some serious joy, my neighbors giving me a "WTF" look.
I took it out, and i'm in love. This gun makes me want to STOP sniping, which I will not be doing this 17th, as my gun just isn't working the way I need it to.

This gun is full metal. It's tight, really nice, and I feel like I could take corners all day. It shoots 330-370 FPS, so it's almost a little hot for K-zoo, but, I can fix that. It's got rails on all sides, I'm planning on some sort of optics on top, flashlight on the side, and a handgrip/bipod on the bottom.

As far as I know, i'm planning on keeping. Unless I decide I want the Robinson Arms XCR by ECHO 1, or TM VSR-10/TM MK96, i'm going to use. Gosh, this kills my M14 and ECHO 1 ASR.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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