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My Newer VSR

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Well here is my newest rifle:
It's a VSR M40a3

The stock was custom made by Ice_Seal. It's a free floating barrel and has the exact barrel dimensions as the real M40a3's.

All three of my VSR's

(Top) G-Spec: 500fps
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LOVE that M40A3 there...
I like the 40, looks a little off from the real one, but good job none the less.

Very nice collection overall.
Yeah it is a little off but I love it. It has more heft to it than any other VSR I've handled before. It's a little under 11 lbs.
Swap the scopes you have, the foregrip is very thick and could use some compensating.
Yeah the bigger scope on the 40 would look great. I like the rifles, that suppressor is badass.
OR.. Put the smallest scope on your stock VSR, put the Barska 6.5-20x-50mm on the M40a3 and get a scope with a lens cover for your Smokey's one, since the VSR with the Smokey's stock is the longest, a long scope would look Awesome. Then all your gun's optics would be taken care of! And not to mention they would all look totally cool!

By the way nice work, I really like the unique custom M40a3 with a twist. You'll be the ONLY one with that gun FOR SURE! ;)
Yeah Father_Livonia the foregrip is pretty thick and it used to be a lot bigger and has gone through a lot of sanding down but I've gotten used to it pretty quickly plus it shows that its original. I'm currently looking to get an M3 scope for the M40. The Barska is a really nice scope for the price but I might think about getting a longer one too.
I still think an M3 would look really skinny, but its all about how YOU like your rifle.

I have a KA 250mm lightweight on my Maruzen too. Is yours the 300mm?
Dude at this rate of new cannons you must start to lotto which to use. xD
They are beauties yes.
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