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My cutie vsr😜

Originally a cyma vsr10. Then it went through a few attempts at upgrading, but then I ended up just buying an ssg10 and upgrading that. Then I bought an srs.

So this project was sort of forgotten. Then I ended up selling all three of them on hopup due to constricted funds😬

Several months later I messaged the fellow I sold this to, and asked about buying it back from him. He hadn’t used it much, so he was willing.

And so I ended up buying a gspec length doing a tdc scope dial mod, and sound mods, and so now it’s a 1j little dear. It’s pretty quiet, and with a suppressor, there not too much difference.

Anyway it was a bit of an ordeal getting here, but I think it’s done.
Grass Tool Air gun Natural material Blade

This is the first version.
Then this:
Wood Automotive exterior Shotgun Bicycle fork Tints and shades

now this:
Plant Road surface Wood Asphalt Floor

Tool Gun barrel Tail Shadow Air gun

Parts list:

Novrsitsch outer barrel setup, suppressor, etc. Inner barrel is like 230mm, internally suppressed as well. Novy chamber, tdc’ed with a scope dial. 60 degree mr hop.
Novy cylinder, cyma piston and guide, cut action army m130 spring. No twang mods😜 Action army zero trigger.

stock Is stuffed with paper towels, etc.One thing I found is that stuffing paper towels around trigger box really cuts down on the “chug” of the release. Very happy with the build. Yeah I could’ve bought an ssg10, but this was more fun😁
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