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My Only Child (G36) *UPDATED Page Three*

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I just decided to throw these up to introduce you guys to my baby. I know, they're horrible, but it was either the flash or an indescernible black blob. I like the first one, though.

She started as an Echo 1 G36C. Externally I put on a G36 handgaurd and outer barrel and a G&P collapsible stock. I have a small rail I fitted on there (the handgaurd's not designed for rails) but I took it off because I didn't really use the foregrip I had on it. Internally I have a systema hop bucking, SRC upgraded gearbox with a M110 spring, a Matrix Magnum motor, and a 9.6v large-type battery in the stock.

I got the complete gearbox because I tore into my old one and couldn't get it back together so I'm terrified of gearboxes now haha. I'll grow into it eventually, but for now I just want it to work. I'm taking it to a local store soon to get deans connectors and a mosfet installed, along with greasing and shimming the gearbox since I'm such a pansy.

I'm considering painting it OD with black accents, like this one:

I really like the look of that green. I'm not big on the tan and black.


I received my new scope and thought I'd upload some pictures with it.

I have a bipod and silencer on the way, as well as more short mags. I'll keep updating this thread with the new parts. Or, mods, should I just start a new one?
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I like the lower profile 36c mounts coupled with the full length rifle, however I'm not a huge fan of the folding stocks. That OD looks fantastic though.
Nice G36! However, what length handguard is that? G36K or E? Or is it that your lengthened your barrel?
I never really could decide which stock I like better. I got the G&P one mainly because it's adjustable, it has a cheek rest, and it could hold a large-type battery. I do like it though.

That's the handgaurd length of the original G36 and the G36E. It has six holes, while the G36K has four and the G36C has two.

For now my plan is to just use the iron sights. Saves money and I do just fine without an optic. The OD grows on me every time I see. I'm pretty much set on painting it that. I want to get everything up and running first, though.
Agreed, that OD is sexy. Best looking g36 I have seen, and am anxious to see how it turns out when you finish painting her.
No optics? Fully automatic? Long mag? Doesn't look like any Sniper rifle to me son.
I've read a thread here where people were pretty tolerant of iron sights. Airsoft isn't THAT long range. Honestly, if you can hit someone with iron sights just as good as with a scope, you're a better shot. The mag's a midcap, but is the type of mag I use really the standard by which you judge my LONGRANGE AEG? And the mosfet I'm getting locks it to semi. I plan on using it like more of a DMR, because I like to travel with a small group and just hang back and pick off the guys shooting at them.

So am I allowed to remain in your selective utopian sniper society or will you banish me to guestitude?

Thanks fuzzy, I'm pretty proud of her. I also forgot to mention that the weight balance with the battery in that stock is perfect.
OK, everybody cool down. Wheat:
1. Don't bad mouth Livonia.
2. Shooting with iron sights doesn't make you a better shooter.
3. Livonia has been on these forums A LOT longer than you have and knows what he is talking about. Now, I am not saying that you don't know what you are talking about, but he is judging your stuff based on what snipers are known for, and while you do not need all of that stuff, you will not be considered a sniper at most fields without it (just classified as a marksman).

Now, to talk about you Livonia:
1. He never said that it was supposed to be a sniper rifle.
2. Not to be disrespectful, please don't comment of someones rifle unless it is something creative, everybody has their own style of playing and just because it is not yours doesn't mean that they don't know what they are doing.

I am not trying to talk bad about anybody, but I just thought that I should step in and nip this conversation in the bud.
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^ Agreed with Silent.

Anyways, I think the iron sights on the g36's are awesome, and I like them alot. However, I think if you put a scope on her, it would look pretty hot. That and a smaller magazine (I am not sure why, but I can't remember the name for these...lowcaps? The ones that are smaller..sigh, long day. ::) ) But these smaller mags would make shooting prone easier, as the mag would not get in the way. Not sure if this is a problem for you though.

That would complete the look for me. But its up to you and your playing style.
Yes.. the short 20rd magazines for the G36 sits pretty much flush. Got two of them right now

As for the G36 sights, my opinion is that its good only if you don't wear a lower face mask and goggles. Otherwise, additional aiming devices (i.e. red dot) is definitely a must >.<
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This G36 is looking sexy. Im not big on full auto gun's, I more of the bolt action type of guy but if I did break down and get 1 now that I have boxed up the other's I have bought in the past, it would have to be the G36 but I would have to use some kind of optic sight on it.
Sorry about being so hostile. I get defensive when it comes to my children :). I also didn't realize Livonia was a mod :-[. I'm learning though

I will get a scope eventually, I just don't have the funds right now and I do just fine without it. Like I said, though, I do mean to use it like a marksman rifle, not a sniper rifle. I have the mesh face mask from evike, and I can get to the sights without trouble so that's not a problem.

I actually have one of the short magazines. After all the feedback, I'll probably be getting more. I also have a scope, but it's cheap and doesn't adjust enough to make it accurate enough for practical use. I'll post a picture of it with the scope and short mag in a little bit.

Dang, now I feel like an idiot for smarting off in a forum. Haha.
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Don't feel bad you are still new. :) Fuzz, they are called realcaps for mags that hold 20-30 rounds, but they can also be called lowcaps.
Pics tomorrow, it got late fast.
I made this forum my friends, at the ripe age of 17 in 2006. Funniest part is, I still use the same Bolt Action as when I started this.
It is an Airsoft Sniper Forum. I said something because your gun does not look like a sniper rifle, that's all.
I've tried hard and collected good staff members to keep this forum the way it should, and not turn into a post whoring place for kiddie Sn!perz. Not saying your gun isn't allowed on here, but it would be nice if it more fit into the Sniper category.

Also, I do not allow medium length select fire assault rifles to be sold in the commerce for the same reason.
Like I said, I am not trying to be disrespectful.
I completely understand Livonia. One of the main reasons I love this forum is because it doesn't have 1337 sniperz.

This was my first gun, so I started with an AEG, and I don't regret it. I became very interested in a sniper role, and I've adapted my rifle to a DMR role as a transition into being a sniper. Right now, my rifle is in it's early stages. I plan on it looking and shooting the sniper part, I'm just taking my time, and I thought it'd be cool to post it for some guidance. :)

Here's what it looks like with the short mag and scope. If anyone has a scope they'd like to sell, feel free to PM me, because like I said, this one's useless.

When I do get a scope, I will remove the iron sights and get a sunshade for it.

I also forgot to mention (can't believe I forgot) in the first post, I have a 509mm 6.03 Madbull barrel in it.
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I sent you a pm about a scope I have for sale.

As for the new pictures, the scope you have on there just does not seem like a good fit. I love the shortened mag though, that looks good. I am not sure if this is possible, but I think it would look better if the stock was shortened, as in replaced for a smaller one. It just looks too long and out of place to me. Other thing, not necessary, but something to add to the look, would be a suppressor. I think it would look hot if it replaced or went over top of the outer barrel past the hand guard.

Thats just me though, some people would probably want to keep it the way you have now, but thought I would throw my opinion in there. ;)
That is a nice gun you have there mate =). One of the easiest to build, upgrade and modify.
I'm in love with her, Might be because I used to have one before as a DMR =).

Just suggesting, but if you're not happy with that pistol grip and you'd like to have a more ergonomic one instead, I'd suggest getting onee of these;

It's designed for a Glock, but it fits H&K series like a glove. I have those on my MP5 and my g36 aswell, and I'm totally in love with that thingy. Small, but makes a hell of a difference on the feel of her (;

And another I'd like to see personally, and would suit that better; A Magwell conversion with a M4 Vietnam style 110Rd midcap. Mags will be physically smaller and less bulky, and so easier to carry on with you on the field while providing more than needed capacity of BB's.
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Fuzzy I've considered a silencer, but for now I will have to spend my money elsewhere. I'll keep it in mind though. I didn't like that scope on it either, that's why I didn't use it even before it stopped working (a friend gave it to me, I wonder why?). The stock is adjustable, I'll find where it feels best once I complete the setup. That's just the length it happened to be on when I took the pictures.

The magwell conversion is so tempting. Those mags would be so much more usefull (not to mention easier to carry), but I really want to keep it as G36 as possible (no AR parts). True, the stock isn't true to RS, but it's made for the G36 series. But I'll definitely get that grip. I kept wondering if there was anyway I could modify the motor grip without cutting. Thanks for telling me about it, nakkis.
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