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So I got my PDI hop-up fixed and installed in my gun. I have been firing some shots and adjusting the hop-up but nothing is changing. It shoots straight with no left to right curve but the bb drops down fast with .3's. I believe that the looser the screws are the more hop-up should be applied. Do I need to put the spring on for more hop-up?

And would I be able to get a set of o-rings at a hardware store that can fight a piston head. My laylax one broke the first day. I am being home hospitaled so I can't go check the store at the moment.

Thanks for your help

Edit: I put the spring in and still nothing. I can't change the curve left to right and it just drops. What can I do?

Edit: So I have been putting more rounds through it and still at around 115-125 feet, about the length of my yard, it drops. I do not have an upgraded spring yet so I don't know if consistency issues could be coming from that. I use .3 BBs, does anyone suggest other wise?
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