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My precious.......

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First one is my Kokusai SR-15, PDI 6.05 barrel, R-hop, modify hop chamber, booster's polishing mods, the works internally, externally it has a DTP Aluminum front set, a harris bipod with a homemade RIS adapter, and a Leupold Mk 4 3.5-10x40.

Second is my newly acquired VSR-10 G-spec, Laylax teflon cylinder, spring guide, z-trigger with piston, spring, EDGI ported barrel, nineball bucking, IR-hop/IER hop, and some other stuff, with a homemade sling and Tasco 3-9x40 scope

Third is my Kokusai CAR-15, booster tuned SCS, I have hits in excess of 60 meters in semi-auto at about 80 PSI (<400 fps) The mags even have trades, I tried getting a pic, but it didn't work.

Lastly is a family pic, enjoy!
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Nope, I have two rings on there. I have the front set canted ever so slightly to put the scope right in front of my eye with my cheek weld, so the scope is connected to the front RIS.

I can use regular mags with the SR-15, the CAR-15 uses airfed mags. However, since the body is as old as it is (~10-15 yrs.), most mags don't fit, so they need filing down...
The stock is painted OD, though it can come like that.

The SR-15 is a blast, a bit heavy, though. Solid aluminum front set, 1 piece of aluminum, the receivers are steel = heavy. Hence, the bipod.
Right now, crap. Yesterday, it was floating bbs out there at my customary low fps.
I found that cutting the barrel to fit the length and depth of the r-hop is slightly easier than the other way around, just food for thought.
Nope, I cut my barrels to fit the r-hop patches. Notice the patch is longer than the window by a fair amount? Just elongate the window. Not quite an er-hop, but still better than the dinky little r-hop in a regular window.

Actually, it is easier for me to be more precise on brass/aluminum (madbull barrels) or even steel than that little piece of rubber...
I got some climbing cord and tied it around the sling mounts. 75 cents at REI.
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